International Merchant Accounts
We offer our international merchant accounts worldwide. We will easily and professionally setup an international merchant account without U.S. incorporation being necessary. While U.S. incorporation is not necessary for approval, we do offer a Delaware Incorporation service as a highly recommended option. With our merchant account you will be able to accept credit cards in realtime from your web store. As an added bonus, when you host your site on our servers, you may use the same merchant account for multiple web stores. For more information please go to our International Merchant Accounts page.

U.S. Banking Services

Our company has formed an alliance with a major U.S. bank whereby we are able to setup a U.S. dollar business chequing account and U.S. address for our clients, quickly, inexpensively and with the least amount of trouble. This will qualify you for our U.S. dollar merchant account. You will then be able to compete on a level playing field and claim your part of the ecommerce pie. For more information please go to our U.S. Banking Services page.

Search Engine Promotion

We offer a comprehensive search engine promotion program. We will optimize and promote your web site to increase your traffic and thereby your profits. We have had great success in helping our clients obtain top search positions and offer you a free appraisal of your web site. We will carefully examine your site and give our professional opinion as to what could be done to improve your search engine rankings. For more information please go to our Search Engine Promotion page.

Turnkey Business Package

Our Turnkey Package is what we believe to be the most comprehensive and economical anywhere. It is specially designed for our international clients who need a complete solution and do not want to deal with many different companies. The following services are included in our turnkey package:-

Your own U.S. dollar business chequing bank account and U.S. business address.
An international merchant account with realtime credit card processing capabilities. This same merchant account can be used with multiple web stores.
Professional business hosting on powerful business servers. 24 hour tech support and comprehensive training are also included.
Access to the Miva Merchant shopping cart/web store. With the Turnkey Package we will configure and setup your web store and follow whatever theme you desire. We do all the programming.
For more information please go to our Phoenix internet marketing page.